Our services in the academic sector

Campus licences


Mapping of all common business models

  • Shop and campus licences on the same landing page
  • When use is activated, the purchase button becomes the download link
  • Convenient administration of licences from the publishing software
  • Sales in own name, directly to customers or via agents/representatives (Schweitzer Fachinformationen/ Harrassowitz bookshop)
  • Evidence based subscription
  • Pick and Choose
  • AccessDenied reports support sales


  • Integrated ERP for invoicing
  • Transmission of sales ERP
  • Counter5
  • Counter5 reports for accesses and AccessDenied
  • SUSHI Interface
  • Login facility for libraries


Wide range of distribution and export options


  • Onix/MARC export
    Export for bibliographic database
  • OPAC/VLB/GoogleScholar/PubMed
  • Delivery to retail partners: Libri/iTunes/Amazon
  • Delivery to libraries: Divibib/Ciando/Overdrive
  • Delivery to DNB and state libraries
  • Delivery to DOI resolvers (MeDra / Crossref)



  • The delivery mechanism has a high degree of customisation options according to the respective requirements of the recipients.
  • Control of delivery to the respective partners on a title basis
  • Controllable. Individually or by automated rules



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